The Bridge was established October 3, 2006 for the purpose of ministering to men who have a substance abuse problem and/or living skills problems. The only requirement is the desire to change their lives, and agreeing to abstain from the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.  In 2014 a women’s program was added.

Feature story from The Monterey County Herald (PDF)

Mission Statement:

“To provide a residential setting for those struggling with addictions, providing safety, structure, discipleship and supervision for the purpose of restoring them back to God, family, work, and community.”

Vision Statement:

“Life Restored”


The Bridge Restoration Ministry is a multi-faceted organization focusing on three primary objectives:

Housing hurting and wounded individuals who are desirous of a life change.

Provide a Discipleship Training Program based on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Provide a Vocational Training Program designed to establish various life and work skills that enable a successful transition into the work force, to help men and women become financially responsible prior to re-entering the community.