The Bridge’s Discipleship Training Program requires a 12-month commitment to our Christian based residential facility. We are designed primarily for men and women with substance abuse problems who have made a decision to change their lives.
We live in a structured family setting and everyone is assigned daily chores that promote continual maintenance of the facility. We have Ministry Assistants whose primary function is to promote a healthy environment for all residents.

Residents are required to participate in all in-house Bible studies, including weekly Regeneration meetings and all other counseling and group meetings.

Our multi-phase program focuses on:

Christian Discipleship

  • anger / stress management
  • family reconciliation
  • personal finance management
  • vocational training and career guidance
  • relapse prevention
  • and other aspects of recovery

Main points:

  • We are a residential program.
  • We follow a Christ-centered discipleship program.
  • Our residents attend various Bible studies and group meetings weekly.
  • We attend a Bible-believing church each week.
  • We encourage residents to have an active prayer life.
  • We offer support to the families of our residents.
  • We have limited transitional housing for our male graduates.
  • We prepare and enable our residents to re-enter society.
  • We offer a “worker’s phase” to ensure smooth transition.