Family FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is “black out”, and how long does it last?

Answer: Black out is a period of time during which your family member has no contact with persons outside The Bridge, except during approved Saturday visits on The Bridge site. It lasts for up to 60 days from date of entry into the program.

Question: What is the purpose of black out?

Answer: Black out is for the purpose of stabilizing a new resident. This provides him time to adjust to the environment at The Bridge and the other activities of which they are now a part. Residents can, otherwise, be very distracted by concentrating on people and things outside The Bridge, to the detriment of building new relationships inside the program. Remember, he is here to break outside patterns of negative behavior and this time of separation is very important.

Question: May I come to visit during blackout?

Answer:  Yes, residents can be eligible for a family visit approximately the 3rd week of the program if program requirements have been met. Friends and family may visit beginning the 3rd Saturday (men) or the 3rd Sunday (women) after the new resident begins the program. For the first visit the resident will contact you.  Future visits can be scheduled by friends and family members by calling 831-372-2033.  Visits during black out are on site only.

Question: May I call The Bridge and talk to my family member?

Answer: Not during black out, direct all calls to 831-372-2033, the office phone. Residents do not have telephone privileges during black out.  After black out, the resident can give you a phone number where they can be contacted.

Question: May I send letters?

Answer: Yes, residents may send and receive mail during any portion of the program. Send your initial letter to PO Box 113, Pacific Grove, CA  93950.  Residents will provide you with a house address in their initial correspondence.  Residents may need stamps and envelopes.

Question: How does visiting work after black out?

Answer: On specific days each week, residents are allowed to leave the residence for visits off site.

(Men):  Saturdays for a maximum of four hours.

(Women):  Tuesdays or Sundays for a maximum of four hours.

All visits must be approved in advance.

Question: Where may residents visit after black-out is over?

Answer: Residents may visit anywhere they choose, with the following exceptions: they are not allowed to visit places where drugs or alcohol is being sold or used/consumed. They are also not allowed to be with someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If this is violated, the resident will face consequences, which may include loss of privileges or dismissal from the program.

Question: Can I give my family member money? How much?

Answer: During blackout, residents are only allowed to have $10 in their possession at any time. You may give them money during visits but not more than $10.
Question: When can non-emergency appointments, doctors visits and other appointments, be scheduled?

Answer: All non-emergency appointments must be approved by the Bridge Program Manager at least one week prior to the appointment.  Appointments are to be scheduled by the resident.

(Men):  Appointments are to be scheduled after 2:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. NO appointments are to be scheduled on Wednesdays.

(Women):  Appointments are to be scheduled Tuesdays or first thing in the morning on other work days to be back at work by 11:00am.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Our desire is that friends and family feel informed of what is happening and when they may and may not expect to see their family member. Please direct all questions to 831-372-2033. Thank you!