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Join us in the journey toward restoration



The programs, structure and learning are already in place, but a friendly listening ear is a huge part of the success in the lives of the residents.

We need you!

Volunteer Opportunities


There are several ways to contribute, from the thrift stores, to community service, to help in the office, and even giving rides to appointments. There are many needs to be met

We need you!

With your tax deductible donation, we can continue investing in the program, vocational training, and ultimately, restoring lives.

We need you!


Volunteer Testimonials

It’s all about watching frustration turn to triumph on the faces of these men.
— Zach Wilson, Head Chef

I am absolutely persuaded that The Bridge works! It has broadened my perspectives, sprouted lasting friendships and allowed me great opportunity to share my faith.
— Jeff Ernest, Project Manager

I have experienced first hand the life changing impact of mentorship. I want to see everyone in the Bridge mentored!
— Eric Keener, Mentorship Program

It is an awesome experience to watch Jesus change lives as we break through our denial and are able to see beyond our hurts, habits and hang ups.
— Allen Boden, Mentor

My experience in mentoring men of the Bridge over the past 9 years has been most rewarding and challenging (when the men drop out!) but I would not trade the experience for anything.
— Geoff Buck, Pastor